The Infamous Mama Fazz.

So as you probably you can see from the title this blog is all about my Mama. A lot of you always ask about my mama and how she feels about me getting married and what her role is on the day etc. So we have decided to get our heads together and put together this blog for you all to learn all about my mama ūüôā

I’ve always aspired to be just like my mum, she’s my absolute hero. Raised both me and my brother alone and met the man of her dreams in her early 30s and got engaged less than a year later (ringing any bells?!) She is hardworking and so brainy its absolutely ridiculous. Want a role model? look no further than my Mama because she is an inspiration to us all. One of my earliest memories of us both is me trying on her pink cowboy boots and pretending to be my mum (She’s has THE best fashion sense!) probably nearly broke my neck in them! ha-ha! It’s the little silly moments that are the most special when it comes to your relationship with your mum. My best memory being dancing to the TV show we called Funky Monkey on a Saturday night and making up brand new dance routines that I would then teach to my friends on Monday morning at school ha ha!

My holy communion – my tiny bro! and my beautiful mama!

So as you are all aware Alex & I where together for 11 months before he proposed and this was very similar with my mum and dad – my dad told my mum he loved her before they even kissed! That’s true romance isn’t it?!
Now I have always wanted to know what my mum thinks about us getting engaged so quickly because we knew it felt right and everyone around us was so happy for us – especially my mama!
‘It’s true love, if you don’t have a ring on your finger before 12 months it’s not real- they should know from day one you are the one!’ words of wisdom from the lady herself, I couldn’t agree more! Why wait? If you love someone and you know you are going to be with them forever why wait? Celebrate your love. With Mama Fazz saying it is true love, it really is. I would have said yes to Alex’s proposal after a couple of months without a doubt.

The famalam on holiday!

Now as a family we are so close and I’ve always wondered what would happen when I met the one and how the family would react when I found the one or even my brother, we are all very protective of each other! A lot of you have said ‘what does your mum think of Alex’ or ‘Does he get on well with your family’ The best thing is my family are so welcoming that no one is ever nervous to meet them. So Mama Fazz what do you really think of my Alex? ‘Alex¬†is¬†a¬†male¬†Emily¬†–¬†in¬†a¬†good¬†way!¬†adores¬†my¬†baby¬†girl¬†and¬†fits¬†in¬†our¬†family¬†like¬†the¬†missing¬†jigsaw¬†piece¬†ūüôā ¬†
Now I know she wouldn’t say anything bad about Alex – True acceptance is that Alex asked my mum to go with him for my engagement ring! He literally is part of the family and we all adore him! Even to the point where I will be in my room waiting for Alex to come upstairs and half an hour will pass and i’ll run downstairs and he’s there cracking open the Prosecco with my family!

Now, every bride to be will tell you how difficult it can be when you plan a wedding and planning a wedding with someone who lives hundreds of miles away you need your mum a lot of the time. Mama Fazz has gained a very unique role in the sense that she is not only mother of the bride but also the lady who calms me down when i flap about plans, go to advice lady for weddings, best friend! Alex & I both hope Mama fazz realises how much of a rock she has been for both of us, we talk about it a lot when we are together and we are are going to be eternally grateful for her generosity and just her as a person. So we are curious as to what we thought mums role was in the wedding and see if she realises how much we need her! ‘My¬†role¬†is¬†to¬†support¬†Emily,¬†calm¬†her¬†down¬†and¬†make¬†most¬†of¬†my¬†suggestions¬†reality!! Ha-ha she know’s me so well and literally i’m the biggest flapper ever, I overthink a lot and my mum is always there to calm me down. Anyone else can relate? If you get married my advice is take it in your stride if you are fortunate to have your mama by your side.

So if you have watched my Instagram stories this week you will see that It all hit me at once that my life is going to completely change and I am leaving home AND I will have a HUSBAND… sounds silly to say ‘it just hit me’ but you get so carried away with the planning and the excitement you don’t have time to sit down and literally take it all in. That’s the thing with life, how often do you sit back and take it all in? Life is so precious and something that we never sit back and admire. I always ask my Mamas advice on everything but her advice for wedding planning was simply perfect ‘Enjoy¬†every¬†moment,¬†this¬†is¬†the¬†most¬†amazing¬†journey¬†which¬†is¬†to¬†last¬†you¬†a¬†lifetime’

I really hope you loved my latest blog with Mama Fazz. Please follow my Instagram (@almostgrownup_)!


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