Well it’s been a while….

Well, Hello my lovelies! It’s been a while, my last blog post was August just after our wedding and we have A LOT to catch up on! We are now fully moved into our house and loving Scotland, Seth the dog is very happy and content with his scottish lifestyle but the biggest news we have is I’M PREGNANT!!!! Baby Siddle is due June 2020 and If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know I am pregnant but if not then yes I’m very pregnant right now!
I can’t believe how quickly the past 8 months has gone, we’ve cancelled 4 honeymoons and 1 babymoon (typical us!) this being due to Alex’s work schedule and also COVID-19 which is for the best and safety of everyone (more on that later…) we where lucky enough to hold a gender reveal and a baby shower in February and surrounded by our loved ones, in true Alex and Emily style there was a storm on the day of the event and we had most of our loved ones there but not everyone so we did our gender reveal on Facebook Live!
I am so happy to be back writing, I didn’t realise how much I missed it. I am on YouTube now too and would love you all to subscribe as I am really enjoying filming pregnancy content at the moment, Here is the link and I hope you all love it. Now let’s give you a proper update of everything shall we.

Scotland Life

Scotland is simply so beautiful, We are so lucky to live where we do and everyday I wake up and just feel so blessed. I miss my family terribly but we always have visitors from England (when we aren’t in a pandemic!) and it’s easy to get back home too, Facetime is a godsend and we constantly speak to everyone!
I am still yet to meet a lot of people and it has proven difficult as I am self-employed and meeting people at 28 is so difficult, I hope once baby siddle is here it will be a little easier with baby groups etc. I am so content, this is the most content I’ve been in my whole life. I have no drama for the first time in what feels forever, I am surrounded by the most positive people whether they are close by or far away our support system is so strong and we are truly so lucky!

You do get to an age where you drift apart from people and learn who your real support is, you either get really upset from it and let it bother you or you remember the great times with them and move on. That’s what I’ve learn since moving away and having my own family unit (that’s so strange to type I have a family unit…) it’s everything I have ever dreamed of and feeling content is such a wonderful feeling.

Baby Siddle & Our Next Adventure

Like getting married wasn’t big enough but I am now 8 months pregnant, I mean talk about a rollercoaster ride. We laugh about it a lot, in 3 years we’ve achieved so much and learnt so much about eachother and people but always come out on top!
Baby Siddle is currently cooking away and I am 8 months pregnant, I am so lucky that my pregnancy has been so smooth and no bumps in the journey. I am still very active and working out 5 times a week, we walk everyday the dog (even though now my bump is becoming bigger!) my bump didn’t pop out until late on in my 2nd trimester so I could still lead a relatively normal life for quite sometime.

So how did we tell our family and friends? As it was near Christmas time we made a Christmas Card for everyone with a little poem on the front that said ‘Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the Way, Oh what fun it is to say Baby Siddle Is on the Way’ as we are so far away we couldn’t tell people in person so it was so fun deciding what we where going to do!
My mum and my brother I told face to face with a little gift and recorded both their reactions with Alex on Facetime as he was away at the time. I told Alex I was pregnant over Facetime as he was abroad on a work trip, so it was a crazy time! I knew I was pregnant from week 2, I was having the worst nausea and not to give too much information but my boobs ached so bad! That’s all I had in trimester 1 nausea and achy boobs, I still worked out 5 times a week and I was very tired so poor Alex had to deal with me falling asleep mid-sentence most of the time. He was so supportive, he did have to go away a couple of times while i was in first trimester which was challenging in itself as I had no one to turn too and I know I had to be mentally strong and I strongly believe exercise really helped me get through that.

Pregnancy is the most amazing thing, the body is just INCREDIBLE. I am very honest about my journey and honestly I see this pregnancy as a little miracle. 5 years ago I was told that I could struggle to conceive as I went to a weight that could affect getting pregnant, this is something I told Alex and warned him it could be a long journey conceiving and funnily enough it wasn’t a long journey and our little bubba came around quite quickly, obviously was planned but not planned to be so quickly but we just feel so blessed to be in the position we are in! I am lucky to be self employed with amazingly supportive clients and Alex obviously is in the military and his workmates are very supportive too.
We really wanted to find out the gender but announce it surrounded by everyone we love and care for. So we booked a private scan for 17 weeks as up in Scotland they don’t ask if you want to know the gender and there are signs everywhere saying ‘don’t ask us the gender as we won’t tell you!’ so we sourced a private clinic and booked our scan, It was the most amazing clear scan and when she found the gender we had to close our eyes and she popped the gender in an envelope. 2 weeks we had to wait for the reveal and to see our loved ones. We had our gender reveal and baby shower in the same place as we had our engagement party and in true Emily style I made sure every aspect of the venue was decorated and I honestly believe it was the best decoration I have ever done, I had a fabulous singer who was just absolutely incredible and at one point everyone was crying, her name is Kelly Bond and she even did all the songs to do with babies and it was so much fun!
I’m guessing you want to know the gender of our baby and we can reveal we are so thrilled to announce we are having a BABY GIRL! We really really wanted a girl and convinced ourselves it was a Boy, we announced with two large confetti canons and it absolutely covered the whole venue it was so perfect! If you want to see our gender reveal then please click here it was so much fun and you can see just how happy we are, my reaction was so OTT and it’s because honestly we truly believed that it was going to be a boy ha ha!
Everything truly has slotted into place since the wedding, we definitely are in our own bubble and we love it so much! We just can’t wait for her to be here now, we are currently finishing her nursery off and of course I will be writing a blog about her nursery and also doing a YouTube video as well.

It feels SO good to be back writing and to be writing about another adventure to take you all on, I didn’t want to touch too much on COVID-19 as we see it on a daily basis at the moment. However, I want to wish you all well at this time and to stay at home as you are saving lives doing this. I hope you and your families are well and still staying in touch, I am on facetime everyday to family and friends to make sure everyone is ok! Let’s hope this scary time is over soon. Speak soon xo


Our Wedding Day – how did it go? Who did we use? My advice if you’re a bride to be!

We did it! WE GOT MARRIED!!!!Wahooooo! I am now a Mrs/Wife, how weird is that?! I can’t quite describe how we both feel without sounding extremely cheesy. It’s a different level of loving someone, I absolutely adore Alex & when we became husband & wife we both said the same thing ‘we did it!’ Anyone who has followed ‘our journey’ you will know it’s not been an easy ride & we had drama up until 2 weeks before the wedding. This didn’t effect our day at all, why would it?! everyone who loved us & supported us where there.
This blog post is an insight to our day, who we used to make it complete & some hints and tips for all you brides to be- i’ll reveal those secrets don’t worry!

The Wedding Morning

The wedding morning I genuinely thought I’d be the biggest stress head, surprisingly I wasn’t at all! All my bridesmaids arrived early morning and we cracked open the champers & just enjoyed the morning. My man of honour & I even did a Costa run, I didn’t start getting ready til 12:00pm which was an hour and a half til we had to leave. It all went so smoothly & I think me being calm helped everyone else!
Our makeup for my bridesmaids, Mum, Auntie & Myself was done by Abby Bateman (I will link everyone’s page/website!) who is the most talented lady! Everyone’s makeup lasted all day & night, even my auntie who did the most crying! Our hair was done by Chloe Fox who has been doing my hair since i was about 10 years of age, no one else would be doing my wedding day hair. My wedding hair was so different to anything i’d ever seen on another bride & it’s exactly what I wanted, non of this some up some down or just down and curly! Something for people to be like oh wow how different!
I got all my bridal party hand made dressing gowns from a very good friend of mine who smashed it! They went perfectly with our theme of Royal Blue & my mums being red because of her outfit! Even my little flower girl got a dressing gown, each bridesmaids has slippers which were a bargain from good old Primark! The wedding morning was just perfect exactly how I wanted it to be and everyone really enjoyed it! My advice is to not get stressed because why is there any point? You’ve done everything you can so what will be will be.

The Ceremony

Yes so it rained on our wedding day, every brides nightmare right?! Wrong! Honestly, didn’t bother me or anyone at all, it made it better!
We had the most amazing wedding cars, I was kindly gifted from a friends family a vintage red rolls royce & we also used Churchtown Wedding Cars for our Bridesmaids car we chose a vintage camper van & our Page boy & flower girl went in a convertible beetle! I didn’t want the guest’s to be left out nor the groomsmen so we hired a vintage big Routemaster bus for the journey after the ceremony.
Our ceremony was in St Marie’s Catholic Church we wanted it to be very traditional & the church is absolutely gorgeous and it’s our family church so meant so much to my mum. We had a singer named Sam Bennett who sang Hallelujah as we all walked down the isle, everyone who walked down that isle with us is a huge part of our life & we love dearly.
It was just perfect from beginning to end, there was a funny moment in the church that deserves a special mention, my Man of Honour Stephen we had asked him to read our bidding prayers & it got to the time he was due to read them…. he had in fact forgotten to bring them with him & the priest didn’t have spares, it was absolutely hilarious! I don’t think I’ve laughed so much before. His face was an absolute picture! Luckily we got it all photographed and filmed ha! Because of the weather all family stayed for photos in the church and our guests hopped on the bus and took a tour!
I would highly recommend a church wedding & I know it’s not for everyone but if you were brought up and religion was an active part of your childhood life etc. Then honestly a church service is the way, the vows are so powerful and so beautiful. You go through every emotion & after all people seem to forget that it is all about the vows & not the party and we wanted this to be memorable and something close to our hearts. Every guest mentioned how powerful the service was and how amazing our priest Father John was.

The Reception

So our Reception was held in the ever so wonderful The Bold Hotel in the Red Rum Suite, this room is absolutely breathe taking and our theme was Navy & Gold but mainly we wanted the RAF to run through it. We donated a big lump sum to the RAF benevolent fund which is a charity very close to our hearts, Alex is in the RAF and I am like his little cheerleader and always so proud of him. So our wedding favours were RAF BF badges for each guest to take away, the response was perfect & everyone really appreciated the token which meant so much to us. I would highly recommend your wedding favours being a charity donation for a number reasons but the top 3 reasons being; 1. You are donating to a charity that is close to your hearts as a couple 2. It’s spreading awareness on your wedding day to your loved one’s 3. It’s so much easier than getting a sugar coated almond and hoping everyone likes them. When we contacted the charity they were so wonderful & so so helpful, they were so grateful we wanted them to be a huge part of our wedding day when in fact we are so so happy to help.
The Flowers were out of this world, absolutely breath taking and my main focus was to ensure that the flowers were natural, beautiful and reflected the theme of RAF blue throughout and David Beckham-Doyle was the man to do this. He adapts to any of your needs & with change of circumstances! Huge thank you to him, our house has smelt amazing since!
We had 10 tables of 10 for the day & each table I wanted to have so many personal touches to the day. I feel they are more memorable. Each person had a personalised Navy napkin with gold writing saying Alex & Emily Siddle 27th July 2019 & a Coaster to match. Each guest received a programme of the timings of everything during the day, who was who in each party & a few thank you’s. Of course the RAF benevolent fund badge too. Throughout the whole venue our wedding hashtag was visible of #SiddlesSayIDo ! Each table was named after places we had visited and we had a little easel on each table with a mini polaroid photo of us in that place. I think the personal touch is so so important on your wedding day, celebrating you both as a couple! I swore by Etsy for little things like the Polaroid photos & even our table names which is how I discovered the amazingly talented Vellamaes which blew me away, she is so talented and adaptive to all your needs.
In the evening the room turned around and we got a donut wall, ‘Siddles Sweet Shop’, our Amazing DJ & Sax Player. The evening was just everything we had ever dreamed of, Our DJ I had seen him do a wedding when I was 19 when I worked in a hotel and I saw Reality Disco DJ at a wedding and I said to them ‘You will do my wedding for sure!” and here we are, Mark part of Reality disco introduced me to Ashley Wood a DJ from London, who everyone is still raving about, I want to do the wedding all over for him again! I had only seen 1 video of Ash and that’s it, as soon as he started I just was gobsmacked, it was like the most amazing thing I’d ever ever witnessed! The way the DJ’s and Sax player worked together was just incredible, this was our biggest investment for the wedding and it really paid off!
We also hired the wonderful Pic & Pose who was so professional and emailed me designed exactly how we wanted the prints to look and it was done! Our guests absolutely loved the photo booth, you just can’t go wrong with a photo booth!?

Advice for Brides To Be

All you Brides to be who are recently engaged & planning a wedding, HUGE congratulations! Now don’t panic about the cost of things or how big your budget should be. If i’m honest we never set a budget in stone because I would over think massively, I did, however knew in my head my ideal cost and that was £8,000 for my dream wedding. Be pleased to know it was just below that, we got everything we wanted & dreamed for and I’m going to show you how to do this!
Firstly, we didn’t do it alone, my mum was a massive help. I worked extra hours & we both did as much as we could. My advice is to make sure you put a standing order together and put in each month then you have no surprises & know exactly what is going in & out.
Secondly, When it comes to deciding a colour scheme & the theme you want to & sticking to it. Do your research, make sure it represents you both as a couple, it get’s forgotten sometime it’s also the grooms wedding day as well.

So when it comes to the cost of things, my first piece of advice is don’t take the first price ever. Do your research and check all the reviews as well of each supplier. Sometimes you mention wedding and it sky rockets the price, this is completely normal for this to occur. Last minute booking (usually 3-4 months before is classed last minute) you tend to get a discount as well or wait for a sale within the business too- there is no shame in wanting it to be discounted as weddings can be so expensive!
Use small businesses & support your friends businesses, I am lucky enough to know a lot of people in this particular industry who I have built a relationship with over the years. They are all SO talented & I like to go with people I can trust when it comes to the biggest day of your life.
A lot of people have asked me about our ‘wedding breakfast’ we aren’t the type to have the 3 course meal and then the buffet in the evening at all. A lot of hotels & venues are now offering a package that is just a ‘buffet’ as your wedding breakfast (I hate that word and like to call it a spread!) so we chose for our guests a European themed buffet, which of course involved pizza, cheese boards & meat boards. It was absolutely perfect and so suitable for us as a couple. Our food and drink as we got drinks on arrival, wine on the table and toast drinks, this was perfect for us.
I said earlier how Etsy was my go to for the whole wedding, It’s amazing what you can get made on the site. This can really help with your budget too, we spent a couple of hundred on our centre pieces, our vintage cards suitcase, bits & pieces for the table and the room. This saved so much money, We still got everything we wanted but we did our research!
Our cake topper was a surprise My mum and I did and we got it from Lucy’s toppers who we found on etsy too and oh my goodness me she was incredible! She is so passionate, we got on like a house on fire too! All the toppers are made out of clay, so you get to keep it forever! It makes your cake!

With our groomsmen 5 of them were not military so needed suits and my man of honour & page boy needed a suit too, I researched so much for this! Slaters was the best bet and if you bought 5 suits you only pay for 4! Which is an absolute bargain and each 3 piece suit for everything cost £84.00 to hire and it comes in a range of colour & you match the tie to your colour scheme.
Bridesmaid’s dresses can be so expensive & I explained to my Man of Honour what I wanted & we got searching, I found a few dresses but they just were not suitable. Then my Man of Honour actually found my dresses on ASOS from a company called TNFC and they were half price, at the beginning I had more bridesmaids (let’s not go there we learnt a lot during the wedding!) so at £35 a pop we couldn’t resist. It was around this time that all the bridesmaid dresses on ASOS were on sale so if you are a bride to be then head there but also if you want to know were the sales are at then head to Cheap Wedding Stuff who is totally in the know and sometimes has extra discount codes!

As a Bride sometimes you can feel the pressure of expense and it’s totally overwhelming, remember you can say no & find it somewhere else for cheaper. There is no shame in going somewhere else for cheaper when it’s the same product. I booked a red double decker bus & I spoke to one company who quoted me over £1000 and I said I’ve found it cheaper somewhere else and when I told them the company they said ‘oh we’ve heard bad reports’ Honestly, it was the best service we received, they were adaptable to the weather & so lovely. They also quoted us a big amount but because I did it last minute & ended up getting such a big discount. Be cheeky, ask if you can go lower! Don’t know until you ask, 9 times out of 10 it works!
Head to your local Home Bargains, Hobbie Craft or The Range, the discounts you get it are absolutely incredible!

Finally, as a Bride to be have fun with it! This is your big day, share the planning & most of all find those discounts!
Our day was perfect, it definitely helped I had worked in the industry & knew what companies I could trust, used small & local businesses and hunted for those bargains!

A very special mention to our photographer & videographer! Joe topping & Emily Topping. They are simply the best in the business, so professional and the most special part I went to school with Emily & it was like childhood friends reuniting! Emily saved the day introducing me to her brother and becoming our photographer, Joe as you can tell smashed it with the photos! Thank you so much both of you xxxx

My Family Life

So I did a poll on Instagram on what my next blog should be and you all chose ‘My Family Life’ I am very open and honest with pretty much everything on my blog, I feel that there are some things that should be kept private of course but at the end of the day life is a journey and if you go through something similar maybe reading my blogs or any other blogs you read may help you and allow you to feel at peace. I know when I read my favourite influencers blogs with a cuppa and a treat, I feel like with some topics I can totally relate, this is what I want to do with you guys, I want you to read my blogs and be like ‘Yes girl, totally get you!’ or something along those lines… so sit back and enjoy learning about my family life and how amazingly diverse and fabulous they are.

So, to begin with I am not going to go into detail with everything recently with my parents and our family dynamic changing, I feel like I’ve gone into detail A LOT about this & all you need to know is that we are doing just fine and have amazing support.
So my home family consists of My mama, one strong very beautiful lady! My brother James (jay or jay jay as some of his friends call him!) who is the most laid back, hilarious guys you will ever meet. We also have 5 pets, YES 5! My 2 dogs Tobias and Seth and our 3 cats; the identical twins Rosie and Maximus & our rescue kitty Billy who just appeared in our garden one day and we learnt his owner died so I brought him home and the rest is history! We are such a close family & I literally tell them everything, there won’t be a day that goes by where I don’t have a story for them or seek advice, everyone always asks my mum for advice, one of my fondest memories was when we had a sleepover for one of my birthdays and I walked into our living room and there’s mum dishing the advice out to all my friends, they hadn’t even noticed I left!

Lets talk about my brother a little bit (he will hate that he has a section ha!) My brother is hands down one of the most funniest guys I have ever met, even if sometimes I am the butt of his jokes! He is very honest and has a heart of gold. We are incredibly close & I literally would do anything for him. Our childhood was the best and my mum did the most incredible job, there’s not one memory I have that isn’t of us smiling! We lived in Liverpool until I was about 8 & then we moved to Southport, When my mum told us we where moving to Southport I genuinely thought we’d won the lottery or something, Southport was always a mega treat to go to for the day! Some people may find that absolutely hilarious but I just think that moving to Southport was such a blessing for our family.

My grandparents (because apparently on my Instagram you all love that I go for coffee with my nana every couple of weeks!) are THE best grandparents ever. Apparently one of my first words was ‘Gaga’ and to this day I still call my grandad this! We lived with my nana and gaga when I was first born before we got our flat in Seaforth, looking back at the photos and memories just makes me heart so full. I was their first born granddaughter (so that makes me obviously their fave right?!) and they just are the most kind-hearted people you will ever meet. My Nana and gaga got married when she was just 19 and only one photo was taken, we have the photo on our hall of fame at home. The happiness and love in that photo is just so pure, I’m writing this with tears in my eyes ha! I always used to think that i’d never ever find love like my Nana and Gaga’s love, it’s so pure and so magical. He proposed to my nana quite quickly too, he just knew straight away. I adore them so much, I know they read all my blogs (number one fans!) and they should know that I found love just like theirs, its true what they all say, its absolute magical.
Best thing is how supportive they are, I could tell my grandparents i’m running away to the circus and they would be like ‘ Sounds great!’ haha I’ve had so many different ‘career dreams’ that they probably sometimes think ‘make your bloody mind up’ but they know what I’m like, I want to try everything, thank god they are so patient ha!

I am blessed with a large family so my mum’s side I have Auntie Trish & Uncle Terry (my godparents too!) they have 2 boys (well nearly men ahh!) Danny and Haydn! My Auntie Cath & Uncle John who have Emma (you’ve all met her on youtube- like can a young girl get any prettier!?) and Sam and Also my Uncle Allan who has a daughter named Hollie. Then there is my Uncle P, hands down has the dryest sense of humour going. He is so generous, he is an incredible uncle & the cards he picks are so thoughtful I can’t even express how much I’ve cried at his cards because the verse is so beautiful. Our family when it comes together is like mayhem, we all originate from Liverpool and we just get on so well. I usually am the one coming out with stupid comments and my uncles probably shake their heads and my aunties laugh away. That’s why I am so excited for the family to all get together for the wedding, like a mini family reunion! They can meet all my friends and Alex’s family and friends too! I just feel so blessed to have the family I do, incredibly lucky.

I stopped writing this blog on Sunday, when I started writing this post I had 5 pets. Unfortunately on Monday 10th June 2019 we woke up to discover Tobias has passed away, the cause of his death was GDV, this is common in large breeds. This is classically known as ‘bloat’ but slightly more serious when it’s in an animal compared to when a human gets bloated from pizza because they ate too much! We did call the emergency vets which is 2 hours away and they advised best to pop to the vets in the morning.
Tobias has suffered from this in the past, his stomach completely did a 360 and he was rushed to the vets, it is more common in his breed especially. When we returned home on Sunday evening he was clearly distressed and we didn’t even consider this to be what was wrong, most of the time Tobias just needed a really good poop and a cuddle. He couldn’t get comfortable at all and come 11:30pm I sat with him on the step outside my room (i live in an extension!) and finally got him to calm down, I saw he’d done a poop and thought he was finally lying down as a sigh of relief that he can finally sleep. I stroked his stomach which was bloated top which he hit me with his paw but his breathing calmed down, I honestly believed he was going to drift off to sleep , 5am Monday morning I was awaken by my dog Seth to crying and howling… Tobias didn’t make it through the night. To say we are devastated is a complete understatement. We are in shock completely, some may be like ‘It’s only a dog’ but our pets in our family are the bread and butter to our family dynamic. I love nothing more than Tobias bounding over and knocking me off my feet when I get in from work, him slobbering all over my new outfit i’ve just put on & his big kind nature. He loved his brother Seth so much and Seth is definitely out of sorts at the moment, he’s snuggling closer each evening this week and is very distressed, one thing that broke my heart was Seth never finished a full meal because Tobias would knock him to one side and eat it. Each evening Seth has left half of his meal, Dog’s feel the grief just as much as humans. We have lost a dog before but he was 18 and we knew it was coming, Tobias had been for a 5k run that morning, was his wild beautiful self all day, less than 12 hours and he was gone.

To some it may seem crazy we feel so sad about this, everybody feels different and everyone has an opinion. But I know for sure our family life will never be the same again without Tobias. So tobias, this blog post is dedicated to you. You big, lovable dog. We hope you are annoying Spike up there & we will give Seth the best life in Scotland don’t you worry. You are out of pain now xo

Bye Bye April & Hello May!

I can’t even believe I am writing that we are now in May!!?? How did that even happen? I think I blinked and April vanished and May appeared out of no were, I am not prepared!
April brought us Easter, My 1st Hen Doo, Family time & working – A LOT! I feel that this month I took my own advice for once mainly focusing on what was important.

So, April was full of excitement and a lot of happiness. As you all know Myself and Alex are counting down til I move up to him and we have our own little house, then our wedding is 2 weeks after this. I just can’t believe how close the wedding is… 2 months.. 8 weeks! Like how is this even possible?! But I have 2 hen doo’s and 1 leaving meal to contend with first…

So the Abba Hen doo happened in April after months of preparation it finally happened! I have made a blog all about my hen doo but my goodness it was so much! I felt like it was a union of all the women I love and adore in one room. We watched Mama Mia 2 where we sang and did full on dance routines. We ate pizzas, had personalised cocktails and so many laughs. All the planning was worth it & it was the best night ever!

Easter was shortly after and I tell you what it was one of the best Easters! I love any sort of holiday. We went to mass in the morning and it was such a beautiful service, quite breathtaking to say the least. I spent the morning quite chilled, the usual Sunday workout and then myself and my mum hung out we went for an Easter drink & just spent time with each other, it’s so wonderful just having that time with me and my mum before I head off, my mum is my best friend & I have no idea how i’m going to live so far away from her… thank goodness for facetime! Wish I could just take everyone with me. My brother finished work and we had the most delicious Easter meal, mum’s cooking is hands down the best food in the world and she’s even passed on some recipes to me… watch out Alex! It was such a lovely relaxed day and I love my family so much.

So each month I have been giving myself goals to achieve per month to make myself and everyone around me happy. I feel having goals for the year can be unrealistic where as if you do it each month its well more achievable!

So lets see what I said last month and see if I stuck to it;

-It is my first Hen Doo, Abba themed! I want to not stress, have the best evening ever and celebrate with all the ladies I love – Ok so I definitely did that apart from not stressing, I had people cancelling last minute and some people saying yes and not showing… but that’s part of planning a party!

– Continue with private 121 boxing sessions and see if I progress with technique, keep clearing my head!- I am still doing 121 boxing sessions & absolutely loving it! My fitness has definitely taken a step up so close to the wedding, this isn’t because I feel I have to improve just for the wedding but I am definitely using different ways of exercising and loving it! I would never change how I look just for my wedding but I definitely want to feel my best.

– Get ready for Alex’s birthday in May, I like to be prepared and last year I took him to Prague (trust me to do something huge!) so I need to top it…- No holiday’s booked this year (sorry Alex) but we have organised a mini party for Alex we have all my family coming and Alex’s family and close friends. It will be a BBQ (hoping for no rain!) and celebrate my guys birthday – I swear running up to this wedding we are having more parties and excuses to celebrate.

– Keep looking after my bro and my mama, they are always my main priority – Always! It goes without saying, I do get a lot of messages with regarding to my family. Firstly, thank you! We are the 3 musketeers and are doing well. Secondly, We are blessed to have such a wonderful support system around us.

– To avoid any wedding stress (probably impossible!) and stay calm and collective – Just when we didn’t think we could have anymore wedding stress. But I’ve not let it bother me and if you read above you can see I have bigger things to worry about. We are trying to enjoy that last two months of being engaged, if people can’t support that then that’s their issue not ours.

I think I did quite well achieving my goals for the month of April. Now May.. 8 weeks to the big day and lots to do! See below for what I want to achieve this month;

  • I have my fitting for my dress, my mum has her fitting and my bridesmaids have alterations, must stay calm!
  • To enjoy every second of Alex’s birthday & make sure that he has the best time ever!
  • Keep going hard at all my workouts & motivating myself each day.
  • Stay positive and don’t let anyone get me down, I take things to heart too much.
  • We have our final meeting at our venue in May, time to get everything finalised. We are doing it earlier than usual so Alex can attend!

So that is saying bye bye to April and a HUGE hello to May! I am ready to enjoy May and try to not get too stressed, I feel like time is racing ahead and I am not enjoying each day.

Moving Away… my thoughts and how I am preparing!

Well Hello again, welcome back to my blog (gosh I sound like a TV host!) so I did a poll on Instagram and you all voted to know more about me moving away all the way to Scotland… Honestly I am officially bricking it, it didn’t hit me at first but after this whirlwind of wedding planning I genuinely feel more anxious about it.

So, as most of you know Alex is in the military which means we will be getting housing through that, basically my life will be following Alex where ever he goes if he gets moved to another camp then I will go. Most people have asked the typical ‘Will you not be working then?’ or ‘Will you be a stay at home mum’ the answer is no. The dream (potential goal) is to be full time freelance but realistically with planning a wedding and moving at the same time so building a business is not something I can do at the moment. I have a couple of clients who I absolutely adore but it’s not a wage at the moment but it’s something I absolutely adore and for those who don’t know what I freelance in is Social Media Management and Blogger Outreach management also, so if anyone is reading this and has a business and needs someone to manage their social media then please send me a message (HAHA!). I am very realistic and I will grow my business when it’s the right time to do so, right now this isn’t the time.

So our first home, we should get our keys (according to Alex.. so don’t take it all too seriously ha!) 2 weeks before our wedding, which means I am moving my whole life from the North West to Scotland.. at first I didn’t think this was crazy at all and completely normal. But now with 2 and a half months to go, I must be actually crazy. I have so many things to the point where I am actually annoyed at my past self for buying so many clothes and shoes. Alex has asked me on numerous occasions if I need all my clothes and I always say ‘Well duh obviously!’ but honestly, I probably don’t need everything I own and probably could get rid of a few clothes but I am still going to take everything ha! I think eventually i’ll get rid of things but I need home comforts with me when I move as I can’t return home ever again. I have been thinking about what colour each room can be in our new house and what furniture we can have! So if you follow me on Instagram prepare be inundated!

I am blessed as I already know a few people thanks and I’m so close with my girl Kaya (shout-out for the queeen!) And I know if Alex was ever to go away or he’s annoying me (ha!) she will be there at the end of the phone! But my nerves are because I know people here in my home town and really it is all I’ve ever known. Ahhhhh the nerves.

At London Heathrow 4 years ago leaving to go to Greece!! It was time where I wasn’t me and I wanted to escape… Jumping on a plane was exactly how I would do that.

I have left my family home twice before to work abroad as an overseas nanny, I knew deep down I’d always be returning and It wasn’t forever. This time I am married, I am someones wife and that is HUGE! Alex and I have never lived together so this will be the first time, we won’t have even been together 2 years when we get married. Closer to the wedding I have nerves but it’s nerves I’ve never experienced before, It’s like i’m so excited but then panic immediately after. The thought of having our own house?! Am I going to be that person that moans the big light is on because it’s wasting electricity ha ha?! How are we going to decorate our house?! I have no idea of measurements or even what my house will look like, we are going totally blind. Typing it all actually makes me way more nervous about the whole situation.

I not only have to move but I will have to find a job also, which is frustrating because I don’t want a job and want to work freelance but I have to be very realistic and possibly work part-time on the side. But we want to start a family pretty soon-ish once we are married so hopefully by the time that happens i’ll have enough work coming in to be able to do it full time.

We are so excited to live together, nervous too!

So how am I preparing? Well right now, i’m not. I have no idea what to do! I probably will start packing end of June… slowly. We don’t know how to even apply for the housing right now, I just know 2 weeks before the wedding we should have keys to a house. Currently, every day, I am hounding Alex with ‘Find out about housing!’ or ‘Have you applied yet?’ haha honestly I must be a nightmare but I just like to know a plan. I don’t think it’s hit Alex how soon it actually is, he lives in his own land most of the time!

If anyone knows where I can get boxes to put my things in and also what else I need to do to prepare? All I know is my mum is very excited to make my room into a gym! Which will be great to come back and visit too! The question is, should I be panicking more? Probably. I’m writing this after texting Alex again to find out more and telling him I’m flapping now, If I say I’m panicking it may hurry him along! ha ha !

Best thing about moving away is having something that is ours, setting up a house to a home. I can’t wait to start making our home and it will be so amazing as we are expecting a lot of people to visit! Most of my family have already planned when they are coming and then I also have my friends coming along to help us move up there too!

It’s all happening and I feel like i’m not enjoying the moment, everything is going 100mph ahead! We still have people trying to cause drama but I said after what happened in February I refuse for anyone to make more drama. I think what happened with my family was enough for a life time, what annoys me is people are to self-absorbed to realise that we have a lot going on as a family and it’s not all happy at the moment but we are doing the best. This wedding and moving is a blessing really, I just can’t wait for that fresh start.

So that’s pretty much a little brief of what is going on moving wise and how i’m feeling (ha a clammy mess!) the adventure never stops! Please subscribe to my you tube and head over to my Instagram and follow!

Abba Hen Do- Hen do #1

So yes, from the title I had an ABBA themed Hen and it’s only my first one, why? Well in my eyes I’m only getting married once and I want to celebrate with every person I adore. I wanted the ABBA Hen Do to not only be celebrating that I am getting married but to celebrate all the special ladies in my life and for a chance to just let their hair down for one night. Who doesn’t love ABBA and Mama Mia?! I mean nothing get’s my feet moving than dancing queen or does your mother know? I didn’t stop dancing all night, myself and my maid of honour actually did a full on dance routine (stage school paid off mama!)

The venue was decided, luckily I work for a lovely company ‘Mikhail Hotel & Leisure Group’ and I work at the Lord Street Hotel, it has a HUGE screen and fantastic cocktails! The decor is plus, I work with the most loveliest people who I knew where going to go above and beyond. I decided on just Pizza’s as who doesn’t love pizza?! I didn’t take any photos of the pizza’s … because I definitely took a whole plate for myself, because Pizza is pretty much life!

So, the plan was to wack on Mama Mia 2 on the big screen, have themed cocktails and loads of pizza. Followed by dancing to 80s and 90s classics! I wanted the decorations to scream bright & colourful! I’d spent about 2 months collecting all my decorations, planning the party! So I am going to let you all know where my decorations where from, if you are going to organise a hen do, I would 100% recommend holding an event in one place and showing your favourite film! It was hands down THE best party I’ve ever hosted (if I do say so myself!) and everyone made a huge effort with their outfits, the theme was big hair/big flares! We had wigs, fancy dress, sequins, big hair, big makeup THE LOT! Below is the invite I had designed and printed by the ever so talented Replica Print in Southport. They are incredible!

I had been looking at Ginger Ray for decorations, very reasonably priced and I started using Etsy to see if I could get the products slightly cheaper (every little helps!) I came across this gorgeous little shop called the Super Sweet Party Boutique who stock Ginger Ray at a very reasonable price. The best thing is I tagged them in an Instagram story as I also bought something for the Wedding from them, the owner personally responded to thank me. Customer Service as a small business is key and I honestly believe that if you are kind and go that extra mile it makes all the difference. They even helped me when another Etsy company let me down (and shouted at me!) and got it delivered to me the next day, thank god for Super Sweet Party! Above is what I bought, so I wanted a guest book, sashes for all family and then I made a photo booth too!

My love for Etsy continued when I came across another little boutique called the Vintage Party Boutique who had a variety of Ginger Ray products (I became a bit obsessed!) I bought balloons, banners and bunting from them! All so reasonably priced I spent about £35.00 overall including postage and packaging. They really brought the room to life, I got so giddy when setting up (slightly stressy ha!) as It was everything I’d dreamed of! I mean just look how bright and wonderfully cheesy those colours are!

Now, I didn’t think I had enough and I wanted my own personalised balloon bouquet for photos when people arrive (after a few Gin’s it became my dancing partner…) So I contacted a local balloon shop called The Pretty Party Boutique (based in Churchtown, Southport) they are literally the balloon wizards! How she makes them all look so gorgeous I have no idea! I was not specific at all and just said I want Rose Gold, a big balloon saying Emily’s ABBA Hen Do, team bride bouquets and for them to be really pretty. I mean I wasn’t fussed at all but when I arrived to set up I was blown away, just look at my gorgeous balloon! I want to keep it forever!! Everyone complimented the effort that where behind the decorations but the firm favourite was my personalised one, I definitely will always go to this little Balloon Boutique from now on!

On the night itself, everyone literally made such an incredible effort in their outfits! Yes by the end of the evening my loving fiance even gate crashed my own hen party! But you know what? It was a bloody good party and everyone was loving it! So I would welcome anyone with open arms. Sadly, we where missing a couple family members where sorely missed and I am sure we danced, singed and partied hard enough for the whole of the town!

I just want to personally thanks Lord Street Hotel for having the most gorgeous venue and allowing me to have the a party to remember! I also want to thank my guests, you guys smashed all the outfits out the park! You embraced my ABBA theme immensely! Also personally like to thank my girly Kaya and the wonderful Nathan, you guys travelled 8 hours to be with us and honestly I’m so so appreciative! 💖
My advice to Bride’s To Be is don’t be shy to have a party, whether 20 or 30 people turn up it’s all about quality not quantity! I chose ABBA because it’s such a fond childhood memory begging my mum for the CD’s and we danced in our living room non stop to it!

Now onto the Next Hen….

*Please note, the photos of the decorations where taken from Etsy. The photos of the evening where all taken myself.

Bye Bye March… Hello April! Reflecting on March…

Well Hello Lovelies, thank you for joining me again! So April is here and the sun is shining! This blog post is all about what March taught me and reflecting on the month in hand, I left February with a number of emotions and was determined to change that around

I left February feeling angry and very emotional, I said farewell to negativity and negative people (Bye Felicia’s) So coming into March I want to vent my anger but in a different way, I started boxing. My goodness, the release you get is incredible, I have now started private sessions as well, it is expensive but it honestly clears my mind so much. March has brought a brightness back that I didn’t think would come so quickly soon after February and I strongly believe its to do with Boxing and a new aspect of exercising.

I was truly blessed to have my guy home again in March, for one reason only! WE FINALLY GAVE NOTICE !!! so if you don’t know what this is (I literally didn’t know either I had to google it!) you have to inform the local council that you are getting married AND pay for the privilege for this also, We couldn’t give notice last time and this really upset me but this time I went with documents coming out of my ears as there was no way I was letting us get refused again. I did, however, get so nervous I forgot Alex’s address and missed one of his middle names, close call but she was so understanding the lady!

Myself and Alex took time out for ourselves, went on a couple of date days and it was so wonderful. We’ve both been focusing so much on the wedding that I can’t remember the last time we hung out and just had the best day! We went to Liverpool and went to Frost Burgers, holey moley it’s absolutely incredible! We also watched Dumbo at the Every man cinema, I was blown away, you get your own waiter and sofa! I felt like a queeeeen! Sobbed like a baby at Dumbo, definitely a must watch!
Nothing beats the day’s where you just feel like your in your own little bubble and everything is truly perfect, I just love hanging out with Alex, he is my best friend and I just adore his company! To have that feeling it’s just truly wonderful.

It was Mother’s Day as well and my goodness did we make sure my mama was spoilt rotten by My Brother, Alex and I! We got her a balloon delivered the Saturday which was wonderwoman, it’s so big it absolutely is the best money I’ve ever spent ha! We also took her out the Saturday night and it was for a meal but the restaurant was shut, we ended up all getting very drunk and Alex ended up throwing up haha! The next day I was the only person who was absolutely fine and I don’t think anyone was too happy with that. We got her flowers and a massage voucher too! This lady is truly wonderful!

So on my previous blog post about leaving February behind I said the following;
– I am going to learn to cope with my emotions better, I am going to put my emotions to good use, I want to try boxing. See if it helps with how I’m feeling and if not Find something else.  – Now I definitely did this and it’s an ongoing process dealing with my emotions, I definitely love boxing and it’s working for now! 🙂

– I am going to make sure my mum is happy every single day. I already make sure this but I am going to make a more conscious effort to make sure wonder woman is the happiest ever.  – I 100% do this, I check she’s ok each day and if she needs to call, I’ve bought her flowers every week and she is truly the strongest lady I have ever met!

– I want Alex to know every day that I love him and appreciate him so much, this guy has been so amazing the past month. Had to deal with me just ranting away all the time! – Alex, I hope he knows hope much he’s adored… he copes with me a lot and my stressy ways! I am a MASSIVE stress head recently and he’s so laid back he may as well lie down! He’s my number 1 fan and yep thanks Alex my best boo x

– My brother to have a happier March, we love going for breakfast together and talking about shit (like you do!) so I want to do more of this! Make sure he’s happy and smiling.  – Myself and my brother are incredibly close, We have continued with our Breakfast’s and we both are supporting each other, he’s just come back from Alex’s stag doo and was definitely smiling ha!

– I am not going to let any negative nancies or any inconsiderate folk effect me in any way, I will just shrug and walk away, I have had some comments like ‘ Why you changing your name for the wedding you’ll be changing it again soon’ It’s the principle of what happened during February and the thought of being my old surname on my wedding day doesn’t fulfill me with any happiness at all. Also, thank you to the people reassuring me with changing my name and making me excited for being a Siddle come July.  – I have legally changed my name now back to my mum’s maiden name and I am raring to go for July! I haven’t experienced any sly comments since really and had constant support, so thank you x

– Not to feel so Anxious about certain situations, some days I wake up calm and collective and one thing can trigger it and I end up in a ball of panic. I am enough, I need to realise this. – this is the only one I haven’t achieved, I am more anxious each day but when Alex is home it goes away. It’s bizarre and I can’t explain it because I don’t even know what it is myself.

So it seems February Emily was definitely down in the dumps and had a lot of anger so March… thank you for letting me calm down and have an opportunity to use my anger in different ways. So what will I be doing in April ?

-It is my first Hen Doo, Abba themed! I want to not stress, have the best evening ever and celebrate with all the ladies I love

– Continue with private 121 boxing sessions and see if I progress with technique, keep clearing my head!

– Get ready for Alex’s birthday in May, I like to be prepared and last year I took him to Prague (trust me to do something huge!) so I need to top it…

– Keep looking after my bro and my mama, they are always my main priority

– To avoid any wedding stress (probably impossible!) and stay calm and collective

So I am going to try really hard to make sure April is the month of happiness and of course have the best First hen doo, Obviously It’s Easter so lots of chocolate will be floating around, I personally eat over 75% dark chocolate or Raw Cacao so I am very excited to indulge and be happy!
Wishing you all a Wonderful April xo

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Little Wedding update …. 4 Months to go!

Hello, my lovelies! So I thought I should give you a little wedding update with only 4 months to go… that’s like 16 weeks. Genuinely no idea how I’m still so calm, actually no that’s a lie. I could do with a really good spa day right about now!
So let’s discuss all the updates I have for you and what I have to still do with 4 months to go…. oh my gosh why’s that so soon keep breathing

So the last time I discussed my wedding on my blog was the wedding dress experience, I am definitely ok with not wearing my mamas dress anymore and strongly believe everything happens for a reason. For everyone asking about myself and my family- we are doing really well and very excited about the wedding. My 2nd Wedding dress is absolutely gorgeous and it should be in the shop by May… I am so grateful my mama is helping me out there, I hadn’t planned not wearing it. I am a bit of an organizational geek and when something doesn’t go to plan (that’s an understatement!) I find it very hard to adjust, this wedding has had so many up’s and down’s that genuinely I should expect things not going my way anymore ha!

I still have to finish getting all the groomsmen sizes (if your reading this lads… hurry up! Don’t stress me!!) and rallying men together to get fitted is proving to be difficult, we have one groomsman that lives in Dubai, a couple live down the bottom of country and one lives a few hours away and the rest of the groomsmen are military so that’s sorted! I think I have up until a month before the wedding to get all sizes. A lot of you have been asking about what companies we are using so for the groomsmen suits we are using Slater’s, I actually met them at a wedding fayre after going to Debenhams and the quality was so much better at Slater’s (no offence Debenhams!) they where also £1 cheaper per suit and for every 5 suits you get one free!! Now that was the music to my ears! We all love a freebie! Now with the shoes, I don’t mind what they wear on their feet, everyone has different taste. Our wedding party is so big.. can you imagine me trying to get 7 men to get the same shoes!! Virtually impossible. Another note is that with it being mixed with the military they aren’t all going to match, I quite like that idea, nothing is ever perfect!

All my bridesmaids are sorted but my flower girls dresses are still to be bought, they will not even be the aged of 2 when the wedding occurs so they are probably still growing every day, the idea is to buy their dresses in April or May. We have a very good seamstress that we are using so if they needed altering nearer the time then we know we have to just make one call, same goes for the Bridesmaid Dresses, they are very long the dresses and some of my girls are short so we have arranged for in May to get them altered and box them off totally. I absolutely adore the Bridesmaid dresses and I know exactly what I want for the flower girls, I am not bothered at all what I look like on my wedding day I genuinely just want everyone else to feel so wonderful.

My mama deserves her own segment on this blog. Mother of the Bride dress is being made by the ever so amazing Carla Marie Couture She is absolutely incredible and has years of experience. My mama is going to look absolutely incredible, how she managed to walk in design a dress and walk out in 20 minutes I will NEVER know but mama did it!

The one thing we are doing in April is FINALLY giving notice, if you watched my stories on Instagram is that we couldn’t give notice as I wanted to change my name to my mums maiden name for the big day, so me being the dramatic person I am burst out crying in the office (how HIGHLY embarrassing) and the lady from the council was so wonderful (asked the lady for tissues ha !) and told me exactly what I needed, so my name is officially changed to my mums maiden name and we give notice when Alex is home which is on 29th March! So that is SO exciting, I think I will feel a huge weight off my shoulders when we have given notice, for me that’s been the most stressful part, it’s meant to be easy but in the world of Emily nothing is ever easy ha! If you are a normal person not changing your name I can assure you giving notice is probably the easiest process but not if you’re like me and decide to change your name 4 months before your wedding!

The Hen’s and Stag Do’s are all booked! Alex is jetting off to Budapest in April for his stag do and to be honest that’s all I want to know, I can’t see him having all the cheesy stag stuff (unless my brother decides otherwise!) and as long as he gets really drunk and has a laugh then that’s all that matters to me. Now my Hen Do’s, yes I am having TWO hen do’s … why? Hunnie.. .you get married once, of course, I am going to involve every female I know and love and have a HUGE party. So In April, I have organized an Abba-themed hen doo, it will involve watching Mama Mia 2, lots of pizza, lots of cocktails, all my family and friends and a photo booth! I can not wait, all my props like balloons, photo booth props and sashes have mainly come from Ginger Ray who are the party gurus and also Etsy which I totally swear by, nothing is better than supporting those small businesses! My Second Hen doo is 3 weeks before my wedding in July and we are off to Edinburgh which I am so excited for, I LOVE Edinburgh and some of the girls haven’t been before so will be so amazing to make so many memories, One of my bridesmaids lives in Dubai and is flying over just for the Hen Doo and I genuinely can’t express how grateful I am.

We finally had our wedding invites all re-printed and we are NEARLY done with sending them out, our numbers have changed twice and we think we have the final list, just slowly making our way through it and sending them off. I can’t believe how expensive are stamps?! Holey Moley, I can’t believe it, I have tried to hand deliver as many as I can. But when some of your guests live abroad it’s pretty tough to hand deliver! So if your reading this and have your invite, please don’t forget to send back your RSVP haha! I have a spreadsheet and a traffic light system, honestly organized to the max! My invites have been designed and printed by Replica Print, they are my go to people for everything!

My advice for any Brides to be at the moment is take everything in your stride when planning (Or elope!) things NEVER go to plan. I have had death threats, people hating on me, my family dynamic completely changing, change of dress, change of bridesmaids and change of groomsmen. Always keep a positive outlook, never think that you have bad luck even if the worst thing happens. The people who are there on the day are the people who are meant to be there, the one’s who love you the most. Remember it’s not about how fancy your wedding is, it’s celebrating the love you have for each other, that’s what’s so magical, I honestly could get married anywhere as long as I have my Alex by my side that is all that matters, don’t let people interfere or think it’s ok to have their opinion because quite frankly it’s not there wedding so if they don’t like it they can literally not attend. Your day should be full of happiness, love and laughter, remember that and nothing else will matter.

Thank you for reading another one of my blogs! I am starting a Youtube channel, I am in the process of editing so I can not wait to share that with you all (bit hard this editing malarky!) and I would love you all to keep following my instagram and the journey of someone who can’t quite admit they are a grown up! xoxox

Want Perfect skin?! Look no further…. My advice and battles with skin!

Let’s talk about skin… the bain of my life for the last 10 YEARS! Why? I suffer from Rosacea, usually, Rosacea spreads across the cheeks and nose but with me, it is just my nose. At one point it used to blister, pus and bleed (enough gross talk!) and It really did affect my self-esteem! I tried EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING, I was subscribed medication, gels, moisturizers, creams the lot! I have seen the best skin specialists in the NHS and even they were completely baffled, they had never seen rosacea as bad as mine (what can I say? I’m one of a kind!) which made me feel 10x worse!

Now I am in my late-20s (good god how did that happen!) and my skin is looking the best It’s ever been! Now I have had laser on the affected area just over 12 months and It did have a slight impact, unfortunately, one of the products I got at the end burnt my skin and I ended up in A&E, remember everyone’s skin is different and mine just happens to be super sensitive. I tried so many different skincare brands from No7 to Clinique. It got to the point where I could still see the redness and it got me down! Don’t get me wrong the laser has had a huge impact and has left me with hardly any redness but I still wanted it done!

Now enough chit-chat, you all want perfect skin and I am shocked by my results!! I had seen an article about Lush Cosmetics, I had used their face masks and their bath bombs but I genuinely didn’t realise they did full skincare regimes! Now this article was about someone who used Lush skincare products for a whole month and had rosacea as well. If you have sensitive skin then this regime is for you.
Now Lush products handmade, 100% vegetarian and fight against animal testing! They also save on plastic by doing Naked Packaging, now I know there was a campaign last year that put a lot of people off lush and said it was all a disgrace, I don’t think you should fully judge the whole company as we all make poor marketing choices if you are a brand and it doesn’t mean their products are awful too – think of the hard work that goes into making these amazing natural products.

Now to start your perfect skin care regime I will explain what I do on a weekly/daily basis, I like to give my skin a treat! I tend to do one face mask a week which is the Rosey cheeks. This product is from lush and costs £8.50 for 75g which usually lasts if put in the fridge for a good month once opened! This product contains Rose Oil, Calamine Powder & Kaoline. Leave it on for 10-15 mins and your skin is flawless!
Now the Cleanser I use the Aqua Marina, This is used every morning and evening – it is a mineral rich seaweed cleanser. Yes you heard right SEAWEED! So the ingredients in this product is Calamine Powder, Irish Moss Gel , Organic Aloe Vera gel, Nori Seaweed, Orange Oil – basically all the goodness in one pot! With the use of calamine powder this will really calm the skin! This is £8.50 for for 100g which is the pot I use! I feel with a cleanser you need a really good one, your skin can feel so revitalised after a bloody good cleanse!

Next, you need a good toner, with someone who has a skin condition a perfumed one is a total no go! I need all natural baby!! So Lush actually have a toner that is so plain and simple and is Rose Water it’s called Eau Roma Water It’s literally two ingredients – Rosewater and Lavender water. If you want to calm your skin this is literally the way to go! Now it’s a bit pricey than your usual ‘Supermarket Toners’ and this is priced at £11.50 for a 250g bottle. You need a few squirts day and night and honestly, I’ve had mine for over 2 months and still have loads left! So it’s totally worth that pricey tag! I am all about that Petal Power and this toner, it’s a total must-have!

Next in my regime you need a serum , I have tried every serum from No7 to ESPA and I always got that red tinge (hey Rudolph!) The serum from Lush is perfect, it comes in the shape of a soap bar and has no packaging – helping the environment with no packaging 😉 It’s called Naked Facial Oil – Argan which is perfect, as its a bar you need to rub it between your hands and then you rub the bar on your face! for 20g this is £9.95 which for a Serum is such a bargain! Serum can be expensive, for a natural argan oil like this the price was fantastic and 2 months down the line and I still have some left.

My favourite part of a skin regime… MOISTURISER! I am obsessed, I’ll put way too much on and just let it all sink in! Now for redness, I use the Celestial this has Almond oil in it, orchid extract and vanilla water. It smells absolutely divine, it’s quite thick which I absolutely adore! I just let it all soak in and it gives me such a magnificent shine! I can see my nose go from red to normal too! For 45g it is £16.95, now to me this is a lot of money for a moisturiser now honestly it’s worth it! I still have some left and It’s totally worth it – I want perfect skin and Lush is getting me on the way!

Now, Whether you are a bride to be or someone who just want’s to try something new in your skincare regime. You might not even have a regime!? This is totally worth all the money I have paid, I have spent so much money over the past few years (don’t even want to say the exact amount!) and sometimes it is trial and error. Now personally I went into Lush and took advantage of all the sales people that constantly ask ‘HOW ARE YOU TODAY?!’ and they examined my skin and I was honest told them not to fob me off and that I have Rosacea, I even got a free eye mask too off this really sweet guy who called me darling! So head to Lush and honestly, those sales advisors may be annoying when they ask you 12 times if you are ok but remember they are the experts and want to help you! (no offence to Lush at all! but I am very honest when it comes to blogging!)

So, above is the before and after and I have to say the difference is phenomenal- I took the photo on the left when I was having a flare up and you can clearly see the difference and I am blown away! Perfect skin for my wedding day (takes priority over anything!) is really on its way! I have tagged all items throughout the blog and this is all my own personal opinion and I haven’t been paid by Lush and this isn’t an AD, these products were paid for myself. I just know a lot of you have asked about my skin and I am SO flattered! I wanted to share with you all what I’ve been using!

What February Taught Me

So we are 5 days into March, I think with recent circumstances and my mind literally all over the place I have decided to reflect on each Month for the next year, this way I can learn from what has happened.

February for me personally was tough. I am very angry about February and I am so totally happy it is over! March is a fresh new month, new beginnings and goodbye to the negative and certain people (not going to sugarcoat it because this is real life!) 2019 was meant to be THE year of happiness, I remember thinking in December and even saying it to Alex ‘2019 is going to be the most amazing year! It’s our year boo!’

2019 is still our year, we are still getting married obviously and I am moving in with him starting a new life in a place I have never been too and we will go on a honeymoon but February has put a bit of a grey cloud over all of that. Don’t get me wrong I am so totally excited for all of what’s to come but now I have a totally different attitude towards people and situations.

February has made me experience a new emotion, anger. I am very angry and I am looking and ways I can release that anger and come back to me, happy go lucky Emily. I have got my gorgeous friend Emily on board and we are searching for a boxing class. I have been loving meditation but February it did naff all for me – only so much breathing in and out you can do when you have the anger bubbling in your tummy like I do. I hate this feeling, I hate constantly having such negative thoughts, it makes me feel spaced out a lot of the time and sometimes it all feels so surreal.

February was the month my Love came home and we spent 4 perfect days together. I went through so many different emotions in those 4 days, Alex is so patient. We couldn’t give notice for our wedding because I am changing my name before the wedding, I burst out crying in front of the Sefton Council lady like a numpty, he says all the right things to cheer me up and the tears turn into laughter. We also spent time with our family and loved ones, we got to enjoy an uncle’s 50th and to be surrounded with that much happiness just makes my heart full! We welcome our nephew Auben into the world and we got to have cuddles – oh my goodness I am SO broody! I got to organise my hen do with my bridesmaids and overall the rest of the month was just full of as much happiness as we could get

February, you taught me that regardless of all the hurt that feeling all this happiness at the same time I shouldn’t feel guilty about this. I do though, feel guilty, whenever I have a moment of happiness, I feel that I should be feeling upset about how things changed in February… but I am genuinely not upset about February. February is a blur of anger and happiness – what a strange mix!

Family Parties!

So what am I going to take from February into March?
– I am going to learn to cope with my emotions better, I am going to put my emotions to good use, I want to try boxing. See if it helps with how I’m feeling and if not Find something else.
– I am going to make sure my mum is happy every single day. I already make sure this but I am going to make a more conscious effort to make sure wonder woman is the happiest ever.
– I want Alex to know every day that I love him and appreciate him so much, this guy has been so amazing the past month. Had to deal with me just ranting away all the time!
– My brother to have a happier March, we love going for breakfast together and talking about shit (like you do!) so I want to do more of this! Make sure he’s happy and smiling.
– I am not going to let any negative nancies or any inconsiderate folk effect me in any way, I will just shrug and walk away, I have had some comments like ‘ Why you changing your name for the wedding you’ll be changing it again soon’ It’s the principle of what happened during February and the thought of being my old surname on my wedding day doesn’t fulfill me with any happiness at all. Also, thank you to the people reassuring me with changing my name and making me excited for being a Siddle come July.
– Not to feel so Anxious about certain situations, some days I wake up calm and collective and one thing can trigger it and I end up in a ball of panic. I am enough, I need to realise this.

o overall, February has been full of anger, disappointment and upset. But we can’t let one month ruin the whole year. So March will be full of happiness, it’s Pancake day, Mothers Day and it’s going to be lighter evenings. It’s time to try different things and to embrace this new beginning.
I hope that you all have started your March brightly and that you continue to smile throughout the whole Month.