Well it’s been a while….

Well, Hello my lovelies! It’s been a while, my last blog post was August just after our wedding and we have A LOT to catch up on! We are now fully moved into our house and loving Scotland, Seth the dog is very happy and content with his scottish lifestyle but the biggest news we have is I’M PREGNANT!!!! Baby Siddle is due June 2020 and If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know I am pregnant but if not then yes I’m very pregnant right now!
I can’t believe how quickly the past 8 months has gone, we’ve cancelled 4 honeymoons and 1 babymoon (typical us!) this being due to Alex’s work schedule and also COVID-19 which is for the best and safety of everyone (more on that later…) we where lucky enough to hold a gender reveal and a baby shower in February and surrounded by our loved ones, in true Alex and Emily style there was a storm on the day of the event and we had most of our loved ones there but not everyone so we did our gender reveal on Facebook Live!
I am so happy to be back writing, I didn’t realise how much I missed it. I am on YouTube now too and would love you all to subscribe as I am really enjoying filming pregnancy content at the moment, Here is the link and I hope you all love it. Now let’s give you a proper update of everything shall we.

Scotland Life

Scotland is simply so beautiful, We are so lucky to live where we do and everyday I wake up and just feel so blessed. I miss my family terribly but we always have visitors from England (when we aren’t in a pandemic!) and it’s easy to get back home too, Facetime is a godsend and we constantly speak to everyone!
I am still yet to meet a lot of people and it has proven difficult as I am self-employed and meeting people at 28 is so difficult, I hope once baby siddle is here it will be a little easier with baby groups etc. I am so content, this is the most content I’ve been in my whole life. I have no drama for the first time in what feels forever, I am surrounded by the most positive people whether they are close by or far away our support system is so strong and we are truly so lucky!

You do get to an age where you drift apart from people and learn who your real support is, you either get really upset from it and let it bother you or you remember the great times with them and move on. That’s what I’ve learn since moving away and having my own family unit (that’s so strange to type I have a family unit…) it’s everything I have ever dreamed of and feeling content is such a wonderful feeling.

Baby Siddle & Our Next Adventure

Like getting married wasn’t big enough but I am now 8 months pregnant, I mean talk about a rollercoaster ride. We laugh about it a lot, in 3 years we’ve achieved so much and learnt so much about eachother and people but always come out on top!
Baby Siddle is currently cooking away and I am 8 months pregnant, I am so lucky that my pregnancy has been so smooth and no bumps in the journey. I am still very active and working out 5 times a week, we walk everyday the dog (even though now my bump is becoming bigger!) my bump didn’t pop out until late on in my 2nd trimester so I could still lead a relatively normal life for quite sometime.

So how did we tell our family and friends? As it was near Christmas time we made a Christmas Card for everyone with a little poem on the front that said ‘Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the Way, Oh what fun it is to say Baby Siddle Is on the Way’ as we are so far away we couldn’t tell people in person so it was so fun deciding what we where going to do!
My mum and my brother I told face to face with a little gift and recorded both their reactions with Alex on Facetime as he was away at the time. I told Alex I was pregnant over Facetime as he was abroad on a work trip, so it was a crazy time! I knew I was pregnant from week 2, I was having the worst nausea and not to give too much information but my boobs ached so bad! That’s all I had in trimester 1 nausea and achy boobs, I still worked out 5 times a week and I was very tired so poor Alex had to deal with me falling asleep mid-sentence most of the time. He was so supportive, he did have to go away a couple of times while i was in first trimester which was challenging in itself as I had no one to turn too and I know I had to be mentally strong and I strongly believe exercise really helped me get through that.

Pregnancy is the most amazing thing, the body is just INCREDIBLE. I am very honest about my journey and honestly I see this pregnancy as a little miracle. 5 years ago I was told that I could struggle to conceive as I went to a weight that could affect getting pregnant, this is something I told Alex and warned him it could be a long journey conceiving and funnily enough it wasn’t a long journey and our little bubba came around quite quickly, obviously was planned but not planned to be so quickly but we just feel so blessed to be in the position we are in! I am lucky to be self employed with amazingly supportive clients and Alex obviously is in the military and his workmates are very supportive too.
We really wanted to find out the gender but announce it surrounded by everyone we love and care for. So we booked a private scan for 17 weeks as up in Scotland they don’t ask if you want to know the gender and there are signs everywhere saying ‘don’t ask us the gender as we won’t tell you!’ so we sourced a private clinic and booked our scan, It was the most amazing clear scan and when she found the gender we had to close our eyes and she popped the gender in an envelope. 2 weeks we had to wait for the reveal and to see our loved ones. We had our gender reveal and baby shower in the same place as we had our engagement party and in true Emily style I made sure every aspect of the venue was decorated and I honestly believe it was the best decoration I have ever done, I had a fabulous singer who was just absolutely incredible and at one point everyone was crying, her name is Kelly Bond and she even did all the songs to do with babies and it was so much fun!
I’m guessing you want to know the gender of our baby and we can reveal we are so thrilled to announce we are having a BABY GIRL! We really really wanted a girl and convinced ourselves it was a Boy, we announced with two large confetti canons and it absolutely covered the whole venue it was so perfect! If you want to see our gender reveal then please click here it was so much fun and you can see just how happy we are, my reaction was so OTT and it’s because honestly we truly believed that it was going to be a boy ha ha!
Everything truly has slotted into place since the wedding, we definitely are in our own bubble and we love it so much! We just can’t wait for her to be here now, we are currently finishing her nursery off and of course I will be writing a blog about her nursery and also doing a YouTube video as well.

It feels SO good to be back writing and to be writing about another adventure to take you all on, I didn’t want to touch too much on COVID-19 as we see it on a daily basis at the moment. However, I want to wish you all well at this time and to stay at home as you are saving lives doing this. I hope you and your families are well and still staying in touch, I am on facetime everyday to family and friends to make sure everyone is ok! Let’s hope this scary time is over soon. Speak soon xo


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