My Family Life

So I did a poll on Instagram on what my next blog should be and you all chose ‘My Family Life’ I am very open and honest with pretty much everything on my blog, I feel that there are some things that should be kept private of course but at the end of the day life is a journey and if you go through something similar maybe reading my blogs or any other blogs you read may help you and allow you to feel at peace. I know when I read my favourite influencers blogs with a cuppa and a treat, I feel like with some topics I can totally relate, this is what I want to do with you guys, I want you to read my blogs and be like ‘Yes girl, totally get you!’ or something along those lines… so sit back and enjoy learning about my family life and how amazingly diverse and fabulous they are.

So, to begin with I am not going to go into detail with everything recently with my parents and our family dynamic changing, I feel like I’ve gone into detail A LOT about this & all you need to know is that we are doing just fine and have amazing support.
So my home family consists of My mama, one strong very beautiful lady! My brother James (jay or jay jay as some of his friends call him!) who is the most laid back, hilarious guys you will ever meet. We also have 5 pets, YES 5! My 2 dogs Tobias and Seth and our 3 cats; the identical twins Rosie and Maximus & our rescue kitty Billy who just appeared in our garden one day and we learnt his owner died so I brought him home and the rest is history! We are such a close family & I literally tell them everything, there won’t be a day that goes by where I don’t have a story for them or seek advice, everyone always asks my mum for advice, one of my fondest memories was when we had a sleepover for one of my birthdays and I walked into our living room and there’s mum dishing the advice out to all my friends, they hadn’t even noticed I left!

Lets talk about my brother a little bit (he will hate that he has a section ha!) My brother is hands down one of the most funniest guys I have ever met, even if sometimes I am the butt of his jokes! He is very honest and has a heart of gold. We are incredibly close & I literally would do anything for him. Our childhood was the best and my mum did the most incredible job, there’s not one memory I have that isn’t of us smiling! We lived in Liverpool until I was about 8 & then we moved to Southport, When my mum told us we where moving to Southport I genuinely thought we’d won the lottery or something, Southport was always a mega treat to go to for the day! Some people may find that absolutely hilarious but I just think that moving to Southport was such a blessing for our family.

My grandparents (because apparently on my Instagram you all love that I go for coffee with my nana every couple of weeks!) are THE best grandparents ever. Apparently one of my first words was ‘Gaga’ and to this day I still call my grandad this! We lived with my nana and gaga when I was first born before we got our flat in Seaforth, looking back at the photos and memories just makes me heart so full. I was their first born granddaughter (so that makes me obviously their fave right?!) and they just are the most kind-hearted people you will ever meet. My Nana and gaga got married when she was just 19 and only one photo was taken, we have the photo on our hall of fame at home. The happiness and love in that photo is just so pure, I’m writing this with tears in my eyes ha! I always used to think that i’d never ever find love like my Nana and Gaga’s love, it’s so pure and so magical. He proposed to my nana quite quickly too, he just knew straight away. I adore them so much, I know they read all my blogs (number one fans!) and they should know that I found love just like theirs, its true what they all say, its absolute magical.
Best thing is how supportive they are, I could tell my grandparents i’m running away to the circus and they would be like ‘ Sounds great!’ haha I’ve had so many different ‘career dreams’ that they probably sometimes think ‘make your bloody mind up’ but they know what I’m like, I want to try everything, thank god they are so patient ha!

I am blessed with a large family so my mum’s side I have Auntie Trish & Uncle Terry (my godparents too!) they have 2 boys (well nearly men ahh!) Danny and Haydn! My Auntie Cath & Uncle John who have Emma (you’ve all met her on youtube- like can a young girl get any prettier!?) and Sam and Also my Uncle Allan who has a daughter named Hollie. Then there is my Uncle P, hands down has the dryest sense of humour going. He is so generous, he is an incredible uncle & the cards he picks are so thoughtful I can’t even express how much I’ve cried at his cards because the verse is so beautiful. Our family when it comes together is like mayhem, we all originate from Liverpool and we just get on so well. I usually am the one coming out with stupid comments and my uncles probably shake their heads and my aunties laugh away. That’s why I am so excited for the family to all get together for the wedding, like a mini family reunion! They can meet all my friends and Alex’s family and friends too! I just feel so blessed to have the family I do, incredibly lucky.

I stopped writing this blog on Sunday, when I started writing this post I had 5 pets. Unfortunately on Monday 10th June 2019 we woke up to discover Tobias has passed away, the cause of his death was GDV, this is common in large breeds. This is classically known as ‘bloat’ but slightly more serious when it’s in an animal compared to when a human gets bloated from pizza because they ate too much! We did call the emergency vets which is 2 hours away and they advised best to pop to the vets in the morning.
Tobias has suffered from this in the past, his stomach completely did a 360 and he was rushed to the vets, it is more common in his breed especially. When we returned home on Sunday evening he was clearly distressed and we didn’t even consider this to be what was wrong, most of the time Tobias just needed a really good poop and a cuddle. He couldn’t get comfortable at all and come 11:30pm I sat with him on the step outside my room (i live in an extension!) and finally got him to calm down, I saw he’d done a poop and thought he was finally lying down as a sigh of relief that he can finally sleep. I stroked his stomach which was bloated top which he hit me with his paw but his breathing calmed down, I honestly believed he was going to drift off to sleep , 5am Monday morning I was awaken by my dog Seth to crying and howling… Tobias didn’t make it through the night. To say we are devastated is a complete understatement. We are in shock completely, some may be like ‘It’s only a dog’ but our pets in our family are the bread and butter to our family dynamic. I love nothing more than Tobias bounding over and knocking me off my feet when I get in from work, him slobbering all over my new outfit i’ve just put on & his big kind nature. He loved his brother Seth so much and Seth is definitely out of sorts at the moment, he’s snuggling closer each evening this week and is very distressed, one thing that broke my heart was Seth never finished a full meal because Tobias would knock him to one side and eat it. Each evening Seth has left half of his meal, Dog’s feel the grief just as much as humans. We have lost a dog before but he was 18 and we knew it was coming, Tobias had been for a 5k run that morning, was his wild beautiful self all day, less than 12 hours and he was gone.

To some it may seem crazy we feel so sad about this, everybody feels different and everyone has an opinion. But I know for sure our family life will never be the same again without Tobias. So tobias, this blog post is dedicated to you. You big, lovable dog. We hope you are annoying Spike up there & we will give Seth the best life in Scotland don’t you worry. You are out of pain now xo


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