Bye Bye April & Hello May!

I can’t even believe I am writing that we are now in May!!?? How did that even happen? I think I blinked and April vanished and May appeared out of no were, I am not prepared!
April brought us Easter, My 1st Hen Doo, Family time & working – A LOT! I feel that this month I took my own advice for once mainly focusing on what was important.

So, April was full of excitement and a lot of happiness. As you all know Myself and Alex are counting down til I move up to him and we have our own little house, then our wedding is 2 weeks after this. I just can’t believe how close the wedding is… 2 months.. 8 weeks! Like how is this even possible?! But I have 2 hen doo’s and 1 leaving meal to contend with first…

So the Abba Hen doo happened in April after months of preparation it finally happened! I have made a blog all about my hen doo but my goodness it was so much! I felt like it was a union of all the women I love and adore in one room. We watched Mama Mia 2 where we sang and did full on dance routines. We ate pizzas, had personalised cocktails and so many laughs. All the planning was worth it & it was the best night ever!

Easter was shortly after and I tell you what it was one of the best Easters! I love any sort of holiday. We went to mass in the morning and it was such a beautiful service, quite breathtaking to say the least. I spent the morning quite chilled, the usual Sunday workout and then myself and my mum hung out we went for an Easter drink & just spent time with each other, it’s so wonderful just having that time with me and my mum before I head off, my mum is my best friend & I have no idea how i’m going to live so far away from her… thank goodness for facetime! Wish I could just take everyone with me. My brother finished work and we had the most delicious Easter meal, mum’s cooking is hands down the best food in the world and she’s even passed on some recipes to me… watch out Alex! It was such a lovely relaxed day and I love my family so much.

So each month I have been giving myself goals to achieve per month to make myself and everyone around me happy. I feel having goals for the year can be unrealistic where as if you do it each month its well more achievable!

So lets see what I said last month and see if I stuck to it;

-It is my first Hen Doo, Abba themed! I want to not stress, have the best evening ever and celebrate with all the ladies I love – Ok so I definitely did that apart from not stressing, I had people cancelling last minute and some people saying yes and not showing… but that’s part of planning a party!

– Continue with private 121 boxing sessions and see if I progress with technique, keep clearing my head!- I am still doing 121 boxing sessions & absolutely loving it! My fitness has definitely taken a step up so close to the wedding, this isn’t because I feel I have to improve just for the wedding but I am definitely using different ways of exercising and loving it! I would never change how I look just for my wedding but I definitely want to feel my best.

– Get ready for Alex’s birthday in May, I like to be prepared and last year I took him to Prague (trust me to do something huge!) so I need to top it…- No holiday’s booked this year (sorry Alex) but we have organised a mini party for Alex we have all my family coming and Alex’s family and close friends. It will be a BBQ (hoping for no rain!) and celebrate my guys birthday – I swear running up to this wedding we are having more parties and excuses to celebrate.

– Keep looking after my bro and my mama, they are always my main priority – Always! It goes without saying, I do get a lot of messages with regarding to my family. Firstly, thank you! We are the 3 musketeers and are doing well. Secondly, We are blessed to have such a wonderful support system around us.

– To avoid any wedding stress (probably impossible!) and stay calm and collective – Just when we didn’t think we could have anymore wedding stress. But I’ve not let it bother me and if you read above you can see I have bigger things to worry about. We are trying to enjoy that last two months of being engaged, if people can’t support that then that’s their issue not ours.

I think I did quite well achieving my goals for the month of April. Now May.. 8 weeks to the big day and lots to do! See below for what I want to achieve this month;

  • I have my fitting for my dress, my mum has her fitting and my bridesmaids have alterations, must stay calm!
  • To enjoy every second of Alex’s birthday & make sure that he has the best time ever!
  • Keep going hard at all my workouts & motivating myself each day.
  • Stay positive and don’t let anyone get me down, I take things to heart too much.
  • We have our final meeting at our venue in May, time to get everything finalised. We are doing it earlier than usual so Alex can attend!

So that is saying bye bye to April and a HUGE hello to May! I am ready to enjoy May and try to not get too stressed, I feel like time is racing ahead and I am not enjoying each day.


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