Moving Away… my thoughts and how I am preparing!

Well Hello again, welcome back to my blog (gosh I sound like a TV host!) so I did a poll on Instagram and you all voted to know more about me moving away all the way to Scotland… Honestly I am officially bricking it, it didn’t hit me at first but after this whirlwind of wedding planning I genuinely feel more anxious about it.

So, as most of you know Alex is in the military which means we will be getting housing through that, basically my life will be following Alex where ever he goes if he gets moved to another camp then I will go. Most people have asked the typical ‘Will you not be working then?’ or ‘Will you be a stay at home mum’ the answer is no. The dream (potential goal) is to be full time freelance but realistically with planning a wedding and moving at the same time so building a business is not something I can do at the moment. I have a couple of clients who I absolutely adore but it’s not a wage at the moment but it’s something I absolutely adore and for those who don’t know what I freelance in is Social Media Management and Blogger Outreach management also, so if anyone is reading this and has a business and needs someone to manage their social media then please send me a message (HAHA!). I am very realistic and I will grow my business when it’s the right time to do so, right now this isn’t the time.

So our first home, we should get our keys (according to Alex.. so don’t take it all too seriously ha!) 2 weeks before our wedding, which means I am moving my whole life from the North West to Scotland.. at first I didn’t think this was crazy at all and completely normal. But now with 2 and a half months to go, I must be actually crazy. I have so many things to the point where I am actually annoyed at my past self for buying so many clothes and shoes. Alex has asked me on numerous occasions if I need all my clothes and I always say ‘Well duh obviously!’ but honestly, I probably don’t need everything I own and probably could get rid of a few clothes but I am still going to take everything ha! I think eventually i’ll get rid of things but I need home comforts with me when I move as I can’t return home ever again. I have been thinking about what colour each room can be in our new house and what furniture we can have! So if you follow me on Instagram prepare be inundated!

I am blessed as I already know a few people thanks and I’m so close with my girl Kaya (shout-out for the queeen!) And I know if Alex was ever to go away or he’s annoying me (ha!) she will be there at the end of the phone! But my nerves are because I know people here in my home town and really it is all I’ve ever known. Ahhhhh the nerves.

At London Heathrow 4 years ago leaving to go to Greece!! It was time where I wasn’t me and I wanted to escape… Jumping on a plane was exactly how I would do that.

I have left my family home twice before to work abroad as an overseas nanny, I knew deep down I’d always be returning and It wasn’t forever. This time I am married, I am someones wife and that is HUGE! Alex and I have never lived together so this will be the first time, we won’t have even been together 2 years when we get married. Closer to the wedding I have nerves but it’s nerves I’ve never experienced before, It’s like i’m so excited but then panic immediately after. The thought of having our own house?! Am I going to be that person that moans the big light is on because it’s wasting electricity ha ha?! How are we going to decorate our house?! I have no idea of measurements or even what my house will look like, we are going totally blind. Typing it all actually makes me way more nervous about the whole situation.

I not only have to move but I will have to find a job also, which is frustrating because I don’t want a job and want to work freelance but I have to be very realistic and possibly work part-time on the side. But we want to start a family pretty soon-ish once we are married so hopefully by the time that happens i’ll have enough work coming in to be able to do it full time.

We are so excited to live together, nervous too!

So how am I preparing? Well right now, i’m not. I have no idea what to do! I probably will start packing end of June… slowly. We don’t know how to even apply for the housing right now, I just know 2 weeks before the wedding we should have keys to a house. Currently, every day, I am hounding Alex with ‘Find out about housing!’ or ‘Have you applied yet?’ haha honestly I must be a nightmare but I just like to know a plan. I don’t think it’s hit Alex how soon it actually is, he lives in his own land most of the time!

If anyone knows where I can get boxes to put my things in and also what else I need to do to prepare? All I know is my mum is very excited to make my room into a gym! Which will be great to come back and visit too! The question is, should I be panicking more? Probably. I’m writing this after texting Alex again to find out more and telling him I’m flapping now, If I say I’m panicking it may hurry him along! ha ha !

Best thing about moving away is having something that is ours, setting up a house to a home. I can’t wait to start making our home and it will be so amazing as we are expecting a lot of people to visit! Most of my family have already planned when they are coming and then I also have my friends coming along to help us move up there too!

It’s all happening and I feel like i’m not enjoying the moment, everything is going 100mph ahead! We still have people trying to cause drama but I said after what happened in February I refuse for anyone to make more drama. I think what happened with my family was enough for a life time, what annoys me is people are to self-absorbed to realise that we have a lot going on as a family and it’s not all happy at the moment but we are doing the best. This wedding and moving is a blessing really, I just can’t wait for that fresh start.

So that’s pretty much a little brief of what is going on moving wise and how i’m feeling (ha a clammy mess!) the adventure never stops! Please subscribe to my you tube and head over to my Instagram and follow!


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