Little Wedding update …. 4 Months to go!

Hello, my lovelies! So I thought I should give you a little wedding update with only 4 months to go… that’s like 16 weeks. Genuinely no idea how I’m still so calm, actually no that’s a lie. I could do with a really good spa day right about now!
So let’s discuss all the updates I have for you and what I have to still do with 4 months to go…. oh my gosh why’s that so soon keep breathing

So the last time I discussed my wedding on my blog was the wedding dress experience, I am definitely ok with not wearing my mamas dress anymore and strongly believe everything happens for a reason. For everyone asking about myself and my family- we are doing really well and very excited about the wedding. My 2nd Wedding dress is absolutely gorgeous and it should be in the shop by May… I am so grateful my mama is helping me out there, I hadn’t planned not wearing it. I am a bit of an organizational geek and when something doesn’t go to plan (that’s an understatement!) I find it very hard to adjust, this wedding has had so many up’s and down’s that genuinely I should expect things not going my way anymore ha!

I still have to finish getting all the groomsmen sizes (if your reading this lads… hurry up! Don’t stress me!!) and rallying men together to get fitted is proving to be difficult, we have one groomsman that lives in Dubai, a couple live down the bottom of country and one lives a few hours away and the rest of the groomsmen are military so that’s sorted! I think I have up until a month before the wedding to get all sizes. A lot of you have been asking about what companies we are using so for the groomsmen suits we are using Slater’s, I actually met them at a wedding fayre after going to Debenhams and the quality was so much better at Slater’s (no offence Debenhams!) they where also £1 cheaper per suit and for every 5 suits you get one free!! Now that was the music to my ears! We all love a freebie! Now with the shoes, I don’t mind what they wear on their feet, everyone has different taste. Our wedding party is so big.. can you imagine me trying to get 7 men to get the same shoes!! Virtually impossible. Another note is that with it being mixed with the military they aren’t all going to match, I quite like that idea, nothing is ever perfect!

All my bridesmaids are sorted but my flower girls dresses are still to be bought, they will not even be the aged of 2 when the wedding occurs so they are probably still growing every day, the idea is to buy their dresses in April or May. We have a very good seamstress that we are using so if they needed altering nearer the time then we know we have to just make one call, same goes for the Bridesmaid Dresses, they are very long the dresses and some of my girls are short so we have arranged for in May to get them altered and box them off totally. I absolutely adore the Bridesmaid dresses and I know exactly what I want for the flower girls, I am not bothered at all what I look like on my wedding day I genuinely just want everyone else to feel so wonderful.

My mama deserves her own segment on this blog. Mother of the Bride dress is being made by the ever so amazing Carla Marie Couture She is absolutely incredible and has years of experience. My mama is going to look absolutely incredible, how she managed to walk in design a dress and walk out in 20 minutes I will NEVER know but mama did it!

The one thing we are doing in April is FINALLY giving notice, if you watched my stories on Instagram is that we couldn’t give notice as I wanted to change my name to my mums maiden name for the big day, so me being the dramatic person I am burst out crying in the office (how HIGHLY embarrassing) and the lady from the council was so wonderful (asked the lady for tissues ha !) and told me exactly what I needed, so my name is officially changed to my mums maiden name and we give notice when Alex is home which is on 29th March! So that is SO exciting, I think I will feel a huge weight off my shoulders when we have given notice, for me that’s been the most stressful part, it’s meant to be easy but in the world of Emily nothing is ever easy ha! If you are a normal person not changing your name I can assure you giving notice is probably the easiest process but not if you’re like me and decide to change your name 4 months before your wedding!

The Hen’s and Stag Do’s are all booked! Alex is jetting off to Budapest in April for his stag do and to be honest that’s all I want to know, I can’t see him having all the cheesy stag stuff (unless my brother decides otherwise!) and as long as he gets really drunk and has a laugh then that’s all that matters to me. Now my Hen Do’s, yes I am having TWO hen do’s … why? Hunnie.. .you get married once, of course, I am going to involve every female I know and love and have a HUGE party. So In April, I have organized an Abba-themed hen doo, it will involve watching Mama Mia 2, lots of pizza, lots of cocktails, all my family and friends and a photo booth! I can not wait, all my props like balloons, photo booth props and sashes have mainly come from Ginger Ray who are the party gurus and also Etsy which I totally swear by, nothing is better than supporting those small businesses! My Second Hen doo is 3 weeks before my wedding in July and we are off to Edinburgh which I am so excited for, I LOVE Edinburgh and some of the girls haven’t been before so will be so amazing to make so many memories, One of my bridesmaids lives in Dubai and is flying over just for the Hen Doo and I genuinely can’t express how grateful I am.

We finally had our wedding invites all re-printed and we are NEARLY done with sending them out, our numbers have changed twice and we think we have the final list, just slowly making our way through it and sending them off. I can’t believe how expensive are stamps?! Holey Moley, I can’t believe it, I have tried to hand deliver as many as I can. But when some of your guests live abroad it’s pretty tough to hand deliver! So if your reading this and have your invite, please don’t forget to send back your RSVP haha! I have a spreadsheet and a traffic light system, honestly organized to the max! My invites have been designed and printed by Replica Print, they are my go to people for everything!

My advice for any Brides to be at the moment is take everything in your stride when planning (Or elope!) things NEVER go to plan. I have had death threats, people hating on me, my family dynamic completely changing, change of dress, change of bridesmaids and change of groomsmen. Always keep a positive outlook, never think that you have bad luck even if the worst thing happens. The people who are there on the day are the people who are meant to be there, the one’s who love you the most. Remember it’s not about how fancy your wedding is, it’s celebrating the love you have for each other, that’s what’s so magical, I honestly could get married anywhere as long as I have my Alex by my side that is all that matters, don’t let people interfere or think it’s ok to have their opinion because quite frankly it’s not there wedding so if they don’t like it they can literally not attend. Your day should be full of happiness, love and laughter, remember that and nothing else will matter.

Thank you for reading another one of my blogs! I am starting a Youtube channel, I am in the process of editing so I can not wait to share that with you all (bit hard this editing malarky!) and I would love you all to keep following my instagram and the journey of someone who can’t quite admit they are a grown up! xoxox


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