Want Perfect skin?! Look no further…. My advice and battles with skin!

Let’s talk about skin… the bain of my life for the last 10 YEARS! Why? I suffer from Rosacea, usually, Rosacea spreads across the cheeks and nose but with me, it is just my nose. At one point it used to blister, pus and bleed (enough gross talk!) and It really did affect my self-esteem! I tried EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING, I was subscribed medication, gels, moisturizers, creams the lot! I have seen the best skin specialists in the NHS and even they were completely baffled, they had never seen rosacea as bad as mine (what can I say? I’m one of a kind!) which made me feel 10x worse!

Now I am in my late-20s (good god how did that happen!) and my skin is looking the best It’s ever been! Now I have had laser on the affected area just over 12 months and It did have a slight impact, unfortunately, one of the products I got at the end burnt my skin and I ended up in A&E, remember everyone’s skin is different and mine just happens to be super sensitive. I tried so many different skincare brands from No7 to Clinique. It got to the point where I could still see the redness and it got me down! Don’t get me wrong the laser has had a huge impact and has left me with hardly any redness but I still wanted it done!

Now enough chit-chat, you all want perfect skin and I am shocked by my results!! I had seen an article about Lush Cosmetics, I had used their face masks and their bath bombs but I genuinely didn’t realise they did full skincare regimes! Now this article was about someone who used Lush skincare products for a whole month and had rosacea as well. If you have sensitive skin then this regime is for you.
Now Lush products handmade, 100% vegetarian and fight against animal testing! They also save on plastic by doing Naked Packaging, now I know there was a campaign last year that put a lot of people off lush and said it was all a disgrace, I don’t think you should fully judge the whole company as we all make poor marketing choices if you are a brand and it doesn’t mean their products are awful too – think of the hard work that goes into making these amazing natural products.

Now to start your perfect skin care regime I will explain what I do on a weekly/daily basis, I like to give my skin a treat! I tend to do one face mask a week which is the Rosey cheeks. This product is from lush and costs £8.50 for 75g which usually lasts if put in the fridge for a good month once opened! This product contains Rose Oil, Calamine Powder & Kaoline. Leave it on for 10-15 mins and your skin is flawless!
Now the Cleanser I use the Aqua Marina, This is used every morning and evening – it is a mineral rich seaweed cleanser. Yes you heard right SEAWEED! So the ingredients in this product is Calamine Powder, Irish Moss Gel , Organic Aloe Vera gel, Nori Seaweed, Orange Oil – basically all the goodness in one pot! With the use of calamine powder this will really calm the skin! This is £8.50 for for 100g which is the pot I use! I feel with a cleanser you need a really good one, your skin can feel so revitalised after a bloody good cleanse!

Next, you need a good toner, with someone who has a skin condition a perfumed one is a total no go! I need all natural baby!! So Lush actually have a toner that is so plain and simple and is Rose Water it’s called Eau Roma Water It’s literally two ingredients – Rosewater and Lavender water. If you want to calm your skin this is literally the way to go! Now it’s a bit pricey than your usual ‘Supermarket Toners’ and this is priced at £11.50 for a 250g bottle. You need a few squirts day and night and honestly, I’ve had mine for over 2 months and still have loads left! So it’s totally worth that pricey tag! I am all about that Petal Power and this toner, it’s a total must-have!

Next in my regime you need a serum , I have tried every serum from No7 to ESPA and I always got that red tinge (hey Rudolph!) The serum from Lush is perfect, it comes in the shape of a soap bar and has no packaging – helping the environment with no packaging 😉 It’s called Naked Facial Oil – Argan which is perfect, as its a bar you need to rub it between your hands and then you rub the bar on your face! for 20g this is £9.95 which for a Serum is such a bargain! Serum can be expensive, for a natural argan oil like this the price was fantastic and 2 months down the line and I still have some left.

My favourite part of a skin regime… MOISTURISER! I am obsessed, I’ll put way too much on and just let it all sink in! Now for redness, I use the Celestial this has Almond oil in it, orchid extract and vanilla water. It smells absolutely divine, it’s quite thick which I absolutely adore! I just let it all soak in and it gives me such a magnificent shine! I can see my nose go from red to normal too! For 45g it is £16.95, now to me this is a lot of money for a moisturiser now honestly it’s worth it! I still have some left and It’s totally worth it – I want perfect skin and Lush is getting me on the way!

Now, Whether you are a bride to be or someone who just want’s to try something new in your skincare regime. You might not even have a regime!? This is totally worth all the money I have paid, I have spent so much money over the past few years (don’t even want to say the exact amount!) and sometimes it is trial and error. Now personally I went into Lush and took advantage of all the sales people that constantly ask ‘HOW ARE YOU TODAY?!’ and they examined my skin and I was honest told them not to fob me off and that I have Rosacea, I even got a free eye mask too off this really sweet guy who called me darling! So head to Lush and honestly, those sales advisors may be annoying when they ask you 12 times if you are ok but remember they are the experts and want to help you! (no offence to Lush at all! but I am very honest when it comes to blogging!)

So, above is the before and after and I have to say the difference is phenomenal- I took the photo on the left when I was having a flare up and you can clearly see the difference and I am blown away! Perfect skin for my wedding day (takes priority over anything!) is really on its way! I have tagged all items throughout the blog and this is all my own personal opinion and I haven’t been paid by Lush and this isn’t an AD, these products were paid for myself. I just know a lot of you have asked about my skin and I am SO flattered! I wanted to share with you all what I’ve been using!


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