Unexpected Wedding Dress Experience…

As you are all aware, I have had to find a dress with 5 months to the wedding! I mean, on average brides go a year before their wedding and they also know what they have in mind. Whereas me on the other hand- I had my dream dress! I didn’t want to try on any other dresses, It’s like I was cheating on my dress even thinking about it! I said on my previous blog how I was going to go try on dresses and have a positive outlook, bloody Nora I was so wrong! Let me explain further…

I mean how is my cousin SO beautiful?!

On Wednesday 20th February I’d planned a full day for me and my mum. My mum is now getting her dress made by the wonderful Carla Marie Couture (check her out she’s so wonderful!) and no word of a lie I’d booked an appointment which usually is an hour and mum had chosen her dress style and colour in 20 minutes, HOW IS IT THAT EASY!? It’s going to look so beautiful and to me, that’s all that matters. I want my wedding to be full of happiness and no what if’s. No negative nancy’s thanks.

Wacked on my Mrs. Siddle to Be jumper to get me into the mood!

For my Wedding Dress search I couldn’t do it on my own, I knew if Mum and I went on our own we’d both crumble and we would both be useless and not in the right frame of mind. So I rallied the troops we had My Nana, My 2 Aunties, My cousin Emma and Maid of Honour Emily. I’d found a dress on their website and In my mind, I’d try this on and we’d be done in an hour, now let me tell you if you go with that in your mind expect to come out three hours later.
I had booked the appointment At Hot Frox in Southport (in the North West of England!) I was nervous and grumpy and quite frankly the thought of trying on wedding dresses It just didn’t feel right and with everything so raw I just had so many emotions. I am so glad I had so many people with us, full of positivity and happy to help.

My Maid of Honour kept the positive spirits alive!

Wendy (who is the owner of Hot Frox) was the lady who was going to be helping me find that ‘perfect dress’ for the big day. She popped open the prosecco which I think I necked two glasses (so classy of me I know!) as the nerves got the better of me!
She said to grab dresses and then we can choose a final 3 and then I choose the actual dress, I was like what if I don’t find one? What about the one I’ve found I just want that one thanks! So I asked my family to grab dresses and I’ll try whatever they want on! I think in total I tried 20 odd dresses on! I slept like a baby that night honestly!

So the dress I found online was in my final 3 as were 2 dresses were the complete opposite to what I wanted but the family liked them. Now one of the dresses would have to be shipped from abroad and Wendy was so honest and said because of dreaded BREXIT she doesn’t have any idea of shipping and may be here with a few days to spare… so I tossed that one because I can’t be bothered with more drama about a dress!
So that left me with a FINAL 2… the one I found and this dress that was like a little girls dream dress… I can’t give too much away Alex might read this!
So they instructed my family while wearing the ‘little girls dream dress’ to do a shop walk, I wacked my wedding shoes on and she altered the dress slightly to very ‘Emily’ style.
So the family walked around the shop, they all burst out crying when they saw me stood there, I turned around to the mirror and I sobbed, I am not sounding vain but I looked so beautiful and I didn’t expect that any other dress than my mums would make me feel so good about myself, I proper sobbed about it.
My nana came gave me a huge cuddle as she was crying too!

So I found my dress and with huge help from my family and Wendy from Hot Frox, words can’t describe how she turned my negative attitude into being like a giggly excitable girl about trying on wedding dresses! I can officially say I said YES TO THE DRESS!


A little update on our family before I stop chatting away, we are coping so well! We are thinking positively and looking forward to the rest of the year, we are so strong as a 3 and nothing is getting us down. 🙂


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