How Do I Balance Everything? My Advice to anyone juggling!

So if you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t its @almostgrownup_) I did a poll for the next topic for my blog and funnily enough it came out as 50/50 for both topics.
Now, why do people want to know how I balance everything? Well I work full time, I am a social media manager on the side (trying to build this up so can go full time!), I manage to get to the gym 6 times a week, Plan a wedding and hen do’s , we will soon be moving into a house and also get time to speak to my fiance. Can’t even imagine what it would be like if I had a child but I know with these hints & tips you can take away some ideas of how to balance your life too! Now I am not saying I am perfect and everything is going smoothly, I’d be a total hypocrite! We all have times were we know we have too much on our plate!

So what is my average day like?

So my average day varies on whether I am off my full time job or not. So I will give you an example of a typical day!
I work 5 days a week in a hotel at present, I am that girl who loves working early mornings, I naturally get up at 5am… don’t ask me why but I am in a routine now where I love nothing more than getting up early! It really starts my day off where I get up and make my famous porridge at breakfast, really sets my day up! (It’s the little things isn’t it!)
I will have packed my bag with my gym gear for after work and over breakfast I will make sure all the social media accounts are set up for the day and I will check my emails too.
I feel if I have pre-packed my bag the night before there’s no excuses to not go the gym – especially since we are on a countdown of nearly 5 months to the wedding I am upping my exercise this isn’t because I feel I have too because I am a bride but because I wanna feel my best on the big day and that’s how I feel my best.
I tend to work an 8 hour shift usually and then I will head straight to the gym, do a weight session or cardio and its an hour for me, doing something I love to do! You have to take an hour for yourself at least once a day ! As I am a social media manager my phone constantly is buzzing so throughout the day I constantly have to reply to comments, messages and emails. I love doing this and I am on my phone in the gym sometimes you just can’t avoid it!
Now that I am planning a wedding too, my schedule is just so busy! There isn’t a day go by i’m not writing notes on my phone or print screening things to Alex seeing if he likes it! We facetime each night and discuss plans discuss what needs to pay next.
I send him spreadsheets of guestlists, what to buy, budget… literally that takes up all my time!
Now on my days off from my full time job, I have my freelancing work and I tend to spend most of my days off on my sofa just typing away! I will be sending emails, contacting companies, scheduling posts for the next month! Organisation is key!

My Tips on how to organise your life!

Now I am no expert but these are things that help me to not flap (I do still flap ha I am not perfect!) or stress out!
1. Make lists of what you want to achieve in that day!
Now I love a list, I love doing lists on top of lists. Whether its a shopping list so I don’t overspend (Jokes I still do- my fave snack on sale i’m getting the whole shelf!) I do lists on what I need to do in that day so I am not snowed under on my days off from my full time job.
2. Pre-pack your bag the night before!
This is huge for me, My bag has everything in it from my diary, wedding planner, 12 thousand pens (just in case I loose one!) my gym gear the lot! Basically the kitchen sink!
3. Take time for yourself!
Take an hour out for you! I love the gym but I also love to meditate too (it’s 3 minutes!) I recently discovered meditation which I will explain in an upcoming blog as to why I decided to start doing it! It could be baking cookies or just watching your fave programme! Whatever is me time – just do it!
4. Carry a notebook/planner with you
This could be for anyone, whether your job is creative and you find inspiration or you are planning a wedding and you see something you must need!
5. Plan your food in advance
I am a huge planner in general! But pre-planning my food just gives me a piece of mind. As I work days I tend to just plan what food during the day and enjoy my evening meals. I plan my food for lunches for about 3 days in advance.

6. When you feel like it’s all to much – talk to someone!
Now we aren’t superheroes, sometimes it can get too much! So grab that bottle of wine (or gin in my case!) and just sit back and talk it out with a relative or a friend, sometimes letting it all out is better than keeping it bottled up.


Do I love being this busy?

In short, yes! I love being this busy, I love keeping myself occupied! But sometimes I love nothing more than slobbing on the sofa binging friends – I’m only human and friends is life!
One thing I do is when Alex is home is to make sure all my deadlines are complete before he arrives, I haven’t seen him usually for a few months so this time is precious. It will all change when we get married, we will be living together and he knows how passionate I am about my work! Plus if he goes away, at least I can take my work anywhere if I was to fly home or have visitors!
If you are even busier than me and you just about manage to juggle everything then I do hope some of my tips do help, no one should be so busy that they can’t make time for themselves, even if you have to plan it in advance!

Thank you for reading my blog, I do hope you enjoyed it! Please follow my instagram @almostgrownup_ for the crazy life of someone who isn’t quite ready to be an adult!


2 thoughts on “How Do I Balance Everything? My Advice to anyone juggling!

  1. Sage advice. I also make sure I have myself sorted the night before..
    Showering… bag packed for work… and clothes. Its a huge timesaver in the morning πŸ™‚

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